Safes and Armored Units

An historic French producer of safes For more than 200 years, Fichet Bauche has been producing innovative and advanced mechanical security systems. The brand is known for its world-recognized reliability. The company is specialized in products that offer certified protection against burglary and fires.

The “Carena” and “Complice” safe models are two great solutions in terms of security and design, they are perfectly suited to many contexts.


  • Certified burglary resistance as per EN 1143-1 (Grades I-III)

  • Sleek design for seamless integration with high levels of protection

  • Standard or reinforced shelves

  • Lockable compartments (150mm high)

  • Sliding trays


  • Burglary protection: all models have been tested by the CNPP laboratory and granted the A2P certification label for compliance with European standards EN 1143-1.

  • Fire protection: Complice safes with 20, 40 and 80 litre storage capacity also offer ECB-S certified fire protection (LFS 30P Grade as per EN 15659, i.e. 30 minutes for paper documents).

  • Locks: mechanical or high security electronic lock (A2P certified as per EN 1300). An anchorage kit is included for safes weighing less than 1,000 kg (mandatory as per EN 1143-1 requirements).


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