Galli Sicurezza, company profile.

Galli Sicurezza was founded in Lugano in 1958; in the beginning it dealt in keys and locks thanks to a particular ability in mechanical processing. The need for security, which increased rapidly during the period of expansion in the 60s, pushed it towards rapid development, increasing the size of the company and the range of products and services it offered. The core of the activity is mechanical engineering, passive protection ensured by means of devices made of metal. With the arrival of electronics, the products evolved and the services became more advanced, strengthening the brand.
The company's journey was completed in 2016 when it joined the Gruppo Sicurezza, the leading company in the sector in Ticino.



  • Franco Galli opens Franco Galli SCS (Keys Locks Service) in Lugano.
  • He opens the store to the public. The customer base expands to include banks, companies, and hotels.
  • The Galli telephone assistance service is open 24 hours a day.
  • Franco Galli joins the association of the ERSI category (Experts in Locks and Locking Mechanisms in Italy).
  • Franco Galli joins the European INTERKEY association and the American ALOA association.
  • Generation follows generation and the company changes its name to Galli Sicurezza SA.
  • Galli Sicurezza is the leading distributor in Ticino of the most well-known brands in the sector: KABA, KESO, GLUTZ, and GUNNEBO.
  • The second shop open in Rivera, the mechanical workshop and the joinery of the security doors department.
  • Galli Sicurezza joins the Gruppo Sicurezza, the most important company in the sector in Ticino.
  • Brand new Showroom in Lugano and new Headquarters in Bironico.
  • Development of the synergy with the Gruppo Sicurezza for a strong push in innovative services and products.

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