Security means Galli.

Feeling protected is important: the need for security is increasingly urgent, a fundamental factor in determining quality of life. In a fast-paced modern society with demanding rhythms, Galli Sicurezza places it experience, professionalism, and expertise at the service of everyone to provide the most reliable and comprehensive tools for protecting property and people.

"Security means Galli", and you can trust us.



60 years of protection.

The field of security in Ticino has developed rapidly since the end of the 1950s, in line with the needs of a world and a society undergoing profound changes. Galli Sicurezza has made and continues to make an important contribution to this story, playing its part in the protection of property over the years from hand-made keys to electronics and digital image transmission.
Well-established local links dating back sixty years.
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Integrated security.

Security needs change, taking on specific and diversified characteristics. In order to provide practical solutions to these constantly evolving needs, in 2016 Galli joined the most important security services network in the Canton of Ticino, the Sicurezza Group. This step enabled us to integrate skills, technologies, resources, operational specialisations, and experiences to respond to new security demands, ensuring active and passive protection of people and property.

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